Unified Cyber Security Series

Featuring Gartner Analysts, Ruggero Contu & Lawrence Pingree

Today, the extensive library of tools, technologies, and processes available to protect an organization from cyber threats are overwhelming and, at the same time, offer underwhelming results. Regardless of security posture, threat actors have found ways to best even the most advanced solutions and professionals, leading to one common theme: there is no silver bullet. Instead, it is the unification of people, processes, and technology that offers the strongest defense and offensive opportunities against cybercriminals.

Combined, this concept and strategy is known as a collective defense. In place of siloed teams, disparate tools, and outdated processes, advanced security operations bring in collaboration, communication, and shared intelligence in an effort to further harden an organization’s security posture along with that of its peers. To that end, Cyware is proud to kick off a new series discussing how organizations can build a collective defense.

Join Cyware for a three-part series featuring Gartner analysts where we discuss three elements of a collective defense strategy: Security operations, threat intelligence, and incident response. In addition to these capabilities, we’ll discuss situational awareness, the role automation plays in advanced security operations, and most importantly, insight from industry experts.

During the series, you’ll learn about:

  • Building a collective defense
  • The state of cyber security and where it’s headed
  • The most significant challenges organizations like yours face
  • How organizations are overcoming these challenges
  • And an opportunity to interact with industry analysts, experts, and your peers

Episode One: Managing Cyber Risk Through Situational Awareness and Threat Intelligence

Featuring Gartner analyst Ruggero Contu, episode one will focus on how organizations move to a proactive state by unifying their threat intelligence capabilities and improve their situational awareness. In addition to the analyst presentation, we’ll have a panel discussion featuring several cyber security experts who are facing these challenges and how they are overcoming them.

Panel: Access On-Demand

Episode Two: Optimizing Security Operations to Achieve Greater Maturity

Featuring Gartner analyst Lawrence Pingree, episode two will lay the groundwork for how security operations function today, where its headed, and the major challenges organizations face. After the analyst presentation, we’ll host a panel discussion with security executives who have successfully unified and automated their threat intelligence processes.

Presentations: October 14th @ 2 p.m. ET

Episode Three: Unifying Cyber Security Functions and Capabilities

Featuring Gartner analyst Ruggero Contu, episode three will dig into how a modern security organization functions today and unifies all of its security functions. After the analyst's presentation, we’ll host a fireside chat that has successfully unified their cyber security functions and will be followed by a panel of ISAC leaders to discuss the role of shared intelligence today.

Presentations: November 9th @ 10 a.m. GMT


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